Petite Workout Clothes Collection

When you're 5'4" or under, it's hard for you to find clothes that fit you well. Our petite workout clothes come in the same form-flattering styles, just a bit shorter. Don't settle for active wear that doesn't put you at your best. Shop our extensive collection of petite yoga leggings, tennis skirts, and more, all specially made to adapt to your needs—and not the other way around.

We all know the frustrations of trying to get in a good workout when your clothes just don't fit right. Pants that run past your ankles and baggy skirts can inhibit your movement and get in your way, which is why it's important for petite women to find items that really and truly fit. Our petite collection features the best petite yoga pants in the industry, as well as running pants, bike shorts, and tennis skirts, all perfectly fitted for smaller women. Say goodbye to fold-overs and roll-ups, and hello to petite size yoga pants and active clothes that fit you right.

Shop today and find out what a difference having the right clothes can make for your workout.